La Defense

Happy Hour with Edward Netter

Location: La Defense

“From Paris to Brooklyn”

Growing up in his birthplace of Paris, France, Edward Netter was intrigued by the world of music, creatively and professionally, for as long as he can remember. His father, a jazz musician, and his mother both held positions in the music industry so it was natural for Edward to aspire to have a career in the music and entertainment field.

Forming a deep interest in the art of DJ’ing at the age of 15, he landed an internship at the DMC (creator of the world famous DJ competition) where he became fully immersed in the culture and learned the fundamentals of mixing from some of the top DJ’s. Upon graduating, he decided to explore the business side of music, putting his DJ activity on hold to accept several positions at major record labels.

In 2006, business duties led him to move to New York. One thing leading to another, Edward found himself seizing the opportunity to dust off his turntables and return to his first love.

Now a full-time DJ, Edward is still excited as ever about bringing quality music experiences to crowds with his thrilling live sets around New York. Open to spinning many various genres, from House, Hip-Hop, Electronic music and everything in between, his well-rounded, versatile attributes stem from his ability to adapt, transform and evolve throughout the years.

Never losing sight of the influences and experiences he has garnered in his personal and professional life, Edward Netter never fails to keep one strong element in his music career, and that’s his genuine love for music with a groove.